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Thinking of pursuing dog grooming as career? This is the ideal first step. Come and experience the running of a business salon and everything involved. See our training academy in action and speak with active and graduated students. 

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1 day  - (10.00-16.00) - Weekdays only



Considering a career in dog grooming? Join us for an exclusive Taster Day at our successful and bustling salon! This one-day experience offers a unique glimpse into the daily operations of a thriving dog grooming business and provides a perfect opportunity for you to explore your interest in this rewarding career.


You will get to experience a busy salon environment first hand and see the academy in full swing.  Spend the day in a friendly salon observing techniques such as bathing, drying, blasting, combing, and clipping. Meet the team and see the training academy. And most importantly, ask as many questions as you may have about becoming a dog groomer. 

What to Expect:


  • Hands-On Experience: Dive into the world of dog grooming with the guidance of our professional groomers. You'll get a feel for the tools and techniques used in the industry and observe real grooming sessions in action.

  • Watch our expert groomers as they manage various breeds and styles, demonstrating the skill and care that goes into each grooming session.

  • Learn from the Pros: Engage with our team and ask any questions you have about dog grooming, from the basics of grooming to the intricacies of handling different dog temperaments.

  • Interactive Environment: Tour our training academy, witness our teaching methods, and see firsthand how we train the next generation of groomers.

  • See the Academy in Action: This is your chance to see if dog grooming is the right fit for you. Experience the satisfaction of a beautifully groomed dog and the client's happy response.Discover Your Passion:

Our Taster Day is designed to ignite your passion for dog grooming and show you the potential paths your career could take. Whether you're looking to change careers or start a new one, this experience will provide you with a clear view of what to expect and how rewarding this profession can be. Join us to step into the paws of a professional groomer for a day and maybe find your life's calling!

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