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We provide the lEVEL 3 Diploma through 3 different awarding organisations. This allows us to find the course layout that suits your learning style

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Qualification providers include AIM, iPET and Skills & Education

Course length: 40 Practical training days plus home study

Students can attend anything from 1-4 days a week depending on availability


Weekdays only​


Monthly payment plans are available

Our Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming is an intensive and comprehensive program designed for those aspiring to become professional dog groomers. This qualification spans 40 practical days, supplemented with supported home study, ensuring you gain hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge under expert guidance.

Course Features:


  • Practical Experience: Students will groom a variety of breeds, mastering multiple grooming styles. This hands-on approach is aimed at building proficiency and confidence in handling different grooming scenarios.

  • Learn the art of compassionate and caring handling of dogs to ensure a stress-free experience for both the groomer and the pet.

  • Compassionate Care: Each student will receive a start-up kit valued at £350, which includes essential grooming tools and supplies to kickstart your grooming journey.

  • Start-Up Kit: Expert Tuition: Shelley, your dedicated tutor, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. She will guide you through all aspects of the grooming techniques and the business aspects of running a grooming service.

  • Business Skills: Gain invaluable insights into setting up and managing your own grooming business, including advice on career prospects and business development.

  • Supportive Environment: Our friendly and supportive learning environment fosters growth and learning, making it an ideal setting for budding groomers.

  • Post-Course Support: We offer continued support after course completion, helping you navigate through your grooming career with expert advice and assistance.

This diploma is perfect for individuals looking to make a mark in the dog grooming industry, providing the skills, tools, and knowledge necessary to excel. Whether you're planning to start your own business or join an established practice, our program is designed to equip you with everything you need to succeed.

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