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Aimed at someone who wishes to expand their skills and knowledge to handstripping different coat types, whilst carrying out safe handling techniques.

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Dive into the specialised world of hand stripping with our advanced course designed specifically for skilled groomers. This course focuses on mastering the traditional technique of hand stripping, an essential skill for grooming many wire-coated and hard-coated breeds to maintain their coat health and breed-specific appearance.

Course Highlights:


  • Understanding Coat Types: Learn the fundamentals of different coat types suitable for hand stripping. We will cover the characteristics of wire, hard, and combination coats, and how they differ from other types that require different grooming approaches.

  •  Gain in-depth knowledge of the hand stripping technique, including the proper use of tools like stripping knives, stones, and fingers. You will learn how to select the right tool for each coat type and the nuances of using each tool effectively.

  • Technique and Tools: Engage in hands-on sessions where you will practice hand stripping on a variety of dog breeds. These practical exercises will help you refine your technique and understand the tactile feedback essential for effective stripping.

  • Practical Application: Improve your handling skills to ensure a comfortable experience for both the groomer and the dog. Learn strategies for managing dogs who may find the stripping process uncomfortable and how to make the process as stress-free as possible.

  • Handling Skills: Understand the health benefits of proper hand stripping, including maintaining skin health and coat texture. Learn how to identify when a coat is ready for stripping and how regular maintenance can impact the overall well-being of the dog.

  • Health and Maintenance: For those looking to push their skills further, we will explore advanced techniques in hand stripping that can enhance the dog’s natural outline and features, ideal for show dogs and breed-specific competitionsAdvanced Techniques:

This course is ideal for experienced groomers looking to expand their grooming repertoire and offer additional services to clients with specific breed needs. Whether you are looking to improve your grooming business or aiming for success in competitive grooming, this hand stripping course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this traditional grooming technique.

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