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Demonstrate your expertise and demonstrate an excellent standard of dog grooming skills for both breed standard and freestyle grooming.

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(10.00-14.00) 5 day course on a Friday (on set dates)


Unlock the artistry in dog grooming with our Creative Grooming Course, designed for groomers who wish to explore the vibrant and imaginative side of grooming. This course provides comprehensive training in creative techniques, ensuring groomers can safely and effectively execute striking designs that capture the eye and showcase their skills.

Course Highlights:


  • Innovative Techniques: Learn how to use a variety of grooming tools and techniques to create artistic and unique designs on dogs.

  • Techniques covered include chalks, blow pens, temporary and semi-permanent colouring, and intricate coat carving.

  •  Gain expertise in planning and executing complex designs that require a blend of artistic vision and grooming prowess.

  • Learn how to visualise and map out designs before applying them, ensuring clarity and precision in your work.Design Execution:

  •  Understand the importance of using safe products and techniques on animals. This course emphasises the selection of pet-safe dyes and chalks, and instructs on the proper application methods to avoid irritation or harm.

  • Safe Application of Products: Engage in practical sessions where you can apply your new skills on model dogs or live pets under supervision. This hands-on approach helps you refine your technique and build confidence in your creative grooming abilities.

  • Hands-On Practice: Dive deep into the theory behind various grooming products and their effects on different types of dog coats. Learn which products are best suited for particular coat types and how to achieve vibrant results while maintaining coat health.Theory and

  • Product Knowledge: Encourage your creativity and learn how to translate your artistic ideas into grooming styles that can set trends in the grooming world.Artistic Expression:

This course is perfect for professional groomers aiming to add a splash of creativity to their service offerings and those interested in competing in creative grooming competitions. With expert guidance and a focus on safety and style, groomers will leave the course equipped to transform any pet into a walking masterpiece. Join us to elevate your grooming portfolio and delight your clients with stunning, safe, and professionally executed creative designs.

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