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Are you wanting to expand your knowledge and skill, or learn a new creative technique?

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(9.30-15.00) Weekdays only

From £150 a day

Elevate your grooming skills to the next level with our Bespoke Dog Training Days, led by Shelley, a multi-award-winning and internationally trained groomer. Whether you're a professional groomer seeking to expand your repertoire or a dedicated enthusiast aiming to refine your techniques, these tailor-made training sessions are designed to cater to your specific needs and interests.

Highlights of Bespoke Dog Training Days:


  • Expert Instruction: Learn from Shelley, whose accolades and international training bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her expertise covers a wide range of grooming techniques, from traditional breed standards to innovative styles such as Creative Grooming, Asian Fusion, and Carving.

  • Customised Learning Experience: Each training day is customised to fit your specific goals and interests. Whether you're looking to perfect a classic style or explore avant-garde techniques, Shelley will tailor the curriculum to maximise your learning experience.

  • Hands-On Practice: Immerse yourself in hands-on grooming sessions where you can practice and perfect new techniques under Shelley’s guidance. This practical approach ensures you gain confidence and proficiency with the skills taught.

  • Innovative Techniques: Explore creative grooming methods that can set you apart in the grooming industry. Learn the art of Asian Fusion grooming, intricate carving techniques, and how to safely apply creative elements to enhance a dog’s appearance.

  • Professional Development: Benefit from Shelley's insights into the grooming industry, including tips on competing in grooming competitions, enhancing your service offerings, and elevating your grooming business to new heights.

These Bespoke Dog Training Days are an excellent opportunity for groomers of all levels to learn from one of the best in the field, enhancing both their technical skills and their understanding of advanced and artistic grooming techniques. Join Shelley for a day of intense learning, skill enhancement, and professional growth in the art of dog grooming.

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