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A qualification for an experienced groomer who wants to obtain their Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming. A remote qualification with practical assessments. 

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Qualification providers include AIM, iPET and Skills & Education


Up to 2 years to complete

4 -in person practical assessments 



Our Advanced Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming is tailored for experienced groomers seeking formal qualification while continuing to work independently. This program is designed to fit around your existing commitments, allowing you to enhance your skills and receive a recognised credential without disrupting your current business.

Course Features:

  • Flexible Learning: Complete your coursework remotely, on your own schedule, enabling you to balance professional responsibilities with your education.

  • Attend four in-person assessments, which are critical to demonstrating your grooming proficiency. These practical evaluations are scheduled flexibly to accommodate your busy work life.Practical Assessments.

  •  Throughout the course, you will receive detailed guidance and support from seasoned grooming professionals. This support extends to both the practical and theoretical aspects of the profession, ensuring you can apply advanced techniques and best practices in your work.Expert Guidance.

  •  Dive deeper into advanced grooming techniques, including specialised styles for different breeds, skin and coat care, and advanced handling techniques to manage more challenging behaviours and grooming situations.Comprehensive Curriculum:

  •  Enhance your business skills with modules focused on customer service, business management, and growth strategies tailored for the grooming industry.Professional Development:

  •  Upon completion, you will earn an Advanced Level 3 Diploma that not only recognises your skills but also enhances your professional credibility and marketability.Credential of Professionalism:

This diploma is perfect for dog groomers who are already practicing independently and wish to display their expertise with a certification. It acknowledges your prior experience while pushing your skills further, setting you apart in a competitive industry. Whether you aim to refine your techniques, expand your services, or simply confirm your expertise with a formal credential, our program is designed to support your professional journey.

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